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I am a small town girl on a global mission. Born in the small town of Pietermaritzburg, I am currently based at the heart of the Zulu kingdom in Durban, South Africa. At a young age I had already discovered that I loved singing. I was that girl wanting to take the lead when singing at family functions and always got that radiancy because of my passion for song. Having being trained in Classical Music & Contemporary Jazz - musically I have built my sound to be a combination of modern day haunting melodies of underground soul and the enigmatic energy of Afro-Pop, Jazz music and traditional Zulu melodies. Aesthetically, my artistry is inspired by bold dispositions in imaging and avant-garde expressions of art, styling and fashion. 


I have stories to tell and you will clearly hear this in my self-written compositions, in which I aim to tell not only my own stories, but also those of others. I use music as the powerful medium to articulate emotions and tell stories of sadness, love, betrayal, heartache and happiness.

"NOSIHE leads by her voice as she treads the converging genre lines of soul, jazz, blues and even a little pop, and there’s nothing remotely pretentious or otherwise trying about her sound. Every note is weighted with authenticity"
- Skye Mallac (Texx And the City)
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